Biopic on legendary music composer N. Datta

Saregama India Limited’s film division Yoodlee Films have announced a biopic on the life of legendary music composer N. Datta.

The Bollywood music director known for his compositions in movies like ‘Dhool ka Phool,’ ‘Sadhna,’ and ‘Dharmaputra’ started his musical career as an assistant to the celebrated music director Sachin Dev Burman. He worked with Sachin Dev Burman in movies like ‘Bahar’, ‘Sazaa’ and ‘Ek Nazar.’

Datta also composed music for Marathi movies and was known for his successful partnership with songwriter Sahir Ludhianwi. However, his last years were spent in battling health issues and suffering commercial losses.

Datta’s son, Roop Naik has been approached by the producers to add in the required details about his father’s life.

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