Kangana Ranaut supports Arnab Goswami

The Mumbai Police took unexpected action and took custody of senior journalist Arnab Goswami from his residence on Wednesday morning. Arnab is said to have been taken into custody by the police for a two-year-old interior designer’s suicide case.

The Mumbai police’s action against Arnab, who has already been in the headlines over the TRP scam, has created a ruckus on social media. Bollywood celebs are also reacting to the ongoing issue. In that order, Kangana Ranaut has targeted the Maharashtra government in a sharp attack.

Kangana tweeted shortly after the video of Arnab’s detention was made public and then she released a video against the Maharashtra government. Kangana says in the video, “I want to ask the Maharashtra government that today you went to Arnab Goswami’s home, pulled his hair, and assaulted him. How many homes will you demolish and how many necks will you strangle? How much hair will you pull? Sonia Sena, how many voices will you stop? These voices will only increase. There have been many who have been hanged for free speech.” She also asked why he got angry about being called a penguin, ‘Pappu Sena’ and ‘Sonia Sena’.

Sharing the video, Kangana wrote, “Message for Maharashtra government @republic #Arnab #ArnabWeAreWithYou #ArnabGoswami.”

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